Prehistory Culture

Prehistory is the human history in the period before recorded events, known mainly through archaeological discoveries, study, research, etc.; history of prehistoric humans. In the beginning as simple food garthers, people travel in small bandsand grather furit, tubers, and wild game. Tools are generaly rudimentary and shelters are mostly unknown, although the sometimes seek shelter in trees and caves.


Spiral- rain, prosperity, and Fretiliy

Circle- Sun, moon, energy, eternity, magic

Swastika- change of seasons, life giving or destroying

Animal Forms- propitate the sprit of those killed

Human Figures- outstanding ancestors or important tribal members


Humans began building with an emphasis on materials and construction methods, not on architcetural form.

Windbreaks- a growth of  trees or the fall of trees

Rock Cairns- heaps of stone or earth


Igloos –




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